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A Standard-Based Context Sensitive Service Architecture for Digital Object Dissemination

Zhiwu Xie, Herbert Van de Sompel, Johann van Reenen and Ramiro Jordán

(Submission #108)


One limitation of the current institutional repository practice is that the repositories tend to unilaterally dictate what and how to disseminate the digital objects, regardless of the usage requirements. With a few exceptions, most notable the OpenURL framework for context sensitive service, users normally do not have the negotiation power to leverage the dissemination. The rich context information about the user requests, such as who is requesting, from where, under what circumstances, in what kind of environment, with what kind of devices, what are the preferred outcome format, characteristics and much more, is largely unknown to the repository. Even if it is, most repositories do not have a standard way to handle it. Human users may have to click through web pages one after another only to find out although the repository does hold the digital object they request, the returned object is not in the form of their choice, therefore in many cases, either their device cannot correctly render it or they themselves cannot effectively utilize it. Automated interoperability can be even more difficult under such circumstances.

In this paper we attempt to tackle this problem by extending the community profiles registered with the OpenURL framework and incorporating the rich expressiveness of the Usage Environment Description (UED) tool defined in the MPEG-21 Digital Item Adaptation (DIA) standard, then closing the loop by combining the standard OpenURL context transportation mechanism with the MPEG-21 DIA adaptation engine concept. This architecture enables a highly customizable and adaptive context sensitive dissemination service framework for institutional repositories.


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