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Current Volume
Volume 66 Issue 2 (February 2015)


“The sum of all human knowledge”: A systematic review of scholarly research on the content of Wikipedia (pages 219–245)
Mostafa Mesgari, Chitu Okoli, Mohamad Mehdi, Finn Årup Nielsen and Arto Lanamäki


Research project tasks, data, and perceptions of data quality in a condensed matter physics community (pages 246–263)
Besiki Stvilia, Charles C. Hinnant, Shuheng Wu, Adam Worrall, Dong Joon Lee, Kathleen Burnett, Gary Burnett, Michelle M. Kazmer and Paul F. Marty

Engaging and maintaining a sense of being informed: Understanding the tasks motivating twitter search (pages 264–281)
David Elsweiler and Morgan Harvey

Struggling for space and finding my place: An interactionist perspective on everyday use of biomedical information (pages 282–296)
Christine T. Wolf and Tiffany C. Veinot

The principal-agent problem in peer review (pages 297–308)
Jose A. García, Rosa Rodriguez-Sánchez and Joaquín Fdez-Valdivia

An automatic method for extracting citations from Google Books (pages 309–320)
Kayvan Kousha and Mike Thelwall

Classifying scientific disciplines in Slovenia: A study of the evolution of collaboration structures (pages 321–339)
Luka Kronegger, Franc Mali, Anuška Ferligoj and Patrick Doreian

Information use and illness representations: Understanding their connection in illness coping (pages 340–353)
Annie T. Chen

Understanding review helpfulness as a function of reviewer reputation, review rating, and review depth (pages 354–362)
Alton Y.K. Chua and Snehasish Banerjee

Exploiting named entities for bilingual news clustering (pages 363–376)
Soto Montalvo, Raquel Martínez, Víctor Fresno and Agustín Delgado

The value of user feedback: Healthcare professionals’ comments to the health information provider (pages 377–391)
David Li Tang, France Bouthillier, Pierre Pluye, Roland Grad and Carol Repchinsky

Towards a framework for untangling complexity: The interprofessional decision-making model for the complex patient (pages 392–407)
Hadas Weinberger, Jonathan Cohen, Boaz Tadmor and Pierre Singer

Measuring academic influence: Not all citations are equal (pages 408–427)
Xiaodan Zhu, Peter Turney, Daniel Lemire and André Vellino


Research on tables and graphs in academic articles: Pitfalls and promises (pages 428–431)
James Hartley, Guillaume Cabanac, Marcin Kozak and Gilles Hubert


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