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Current Volume
Volume 65 Issue 8 (August 2014)


Archaeology of a digitization (pages 1515–1526)
Bonnie Mak

Citation-Based Plagiarism Detection: Practicability on a Large-Scale Scientific Corpus (pages 1527–1540)
Bela Gipp, Norman Meuschke and Corinna Breitinger

The effects of information privacy concerns on digitizing personal health records (pages 1541–1554)
Ting Li and Thomas Slee

Dyadic attribution model: A mechanism to assess trustworthiness in virtual organizations (pages 1555–1576)
Shuyuan Mary Ho and Izak Benbasat

Automatic query expansion: A structural linguistic perspective (pages 1577–1596)
Michael Symonds, Peter Bruza, Guido Zuccon, Bevan Koopman, Laurianne Sitbon and Ian Turner

Query-performance prediction for effective query routing in domain-specific repositories (pages 1597–1614)
Surendra Sarnikar, Zhu Zhang and J. Leon Zhao

Disseminating research with web CV hyperlinks (pages 1615–1626)
Kayvan Kousha and Mike Thelwall

Mendeley readership altmetrics for the social sciences and humanities: Research evaluation and knowledge flows (pages 1627–1638)
Ehsan Mohammadi and Mike Thelwall

An integrated examination of collaboration coauthorship networks through structural cohesion, holes, hierarchy, and percolating clusters (pages 1639–1661)
Jaideep Ghosh and Avinash Kshitij

Understanding information and communication technology behavioral intention to use: Applying the UTAUT model to social networking site adoption by young people in a least developed country (pages 1662–1674)
Bangaly Kaba and Bakary Tourι

A study on mental models of taggers and experts for article indexing based on analysis of keyword usage (pages 1675–1694)
Ya-Ning Chen and Hao-Ren Ke

E-books versus print books: Readers' choices and preferences across contexts (pages 1695–1706)
Yin Zhang and Sonali Kudva

Effects of rationale awareness in online ideation crowdsourcing tasks (pages 1707–1720)
Lu Xiao


Analyzing broken links on the web of data: An experiment with DBpedia
(pages 1721–1727)
Enayat Rajabi, Salvador Sanchez-Alonso and Miguel-Angel Sicilia


How many athletes qualified for the London Olympic Games? (page 1728)
Adrian Miroiu


In memoriam: Anthony Debons (1916–2013) (pages 1729–1730)
Dr. James G. Williams

A brief tribute by Toni Carbo (page 1731)
Toni Carbo

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