ASIS&T in Your Language

ASIS&T is truly an international organization, with members from over 50 countries. We are pleased to be able to offer introductory information about ASIS&T in a variety of languages. Each information sheet consists of 1 downloadable pdf file containing 2 pages suitable for distributing to colleagues individually or at events. More languages coming soon!






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For more information about ASIS&T, please feel free to contact us in any language by email to Please enter "ASIS&T Inquiry - [Swahili]" (replacing Swahili with the name of your language in English) as the subject line. The email will be forwarded to an ASIS&T member who can respond to you.

Many Thanks

These documents are the result of efforts by a variety of members who deserve to be recognized for their contributions including coordination, editing, translation and design.

The Membership Subcommittee responsible for these documents includes: Caryn Anderson, John D'Ignazio, Kris Liberman, Michel Menou, Ruth Vondracek, and Amanda Wilson.

We are eternally grateful to our translators and reviewers: Ala'a Al-Din Jawad Kadhem Al-Radhi, Nisa Bakkalbasi, Nadia Caidi, Sergio Chaparro-Univazo, Nicolae Dragulanescu, Efthimis N. Efthimiadis, Mabrouka El Hachani, Miriam Figuiredo Veira da Cunha, Michel Menou, Aditya Nugraha, Christian Schlogel, Diane H. Sonnenwald, Imma Subirats Coll, Jacek Tomaszczyk, Peishan Tsai Bentley, and Yin Zhang.

Special thanks go to Gerry Benoit ( for the design and typesetting mastery in a multitude of different languages.

We look forward to adding more languages in the future. If you would like to provide a translation, please contact Caryn Anderson at