2008 ASIS&T Nominations Committee Report

Report: July 8, 2008

Edie Rasmussen, Past President (Chair) edie.rasmussen@ubc.ca
Katriina Byström (Appointed) Katriina.Bystrom@hb.se
Raya Fidel (Appointed) fidelr@u.washington.edu
Jason Holmes (Chapters representative) jholmes@slis.kent.edu
Kris Liberman (SIGs representative) kristen.liberman@simmons.edu

The committee met by conference call to assemble a list of potential candidates for ASIS&T President and Board, and an email vote was conducted to rank the candidates. Candidates were solicited from the ranked list.

The following candidates have agreed to run and comprise the slate.

For President:
Harry Bruce, University of Washington
Gary Marchionini, University of North Carolina

For Director-at-Large:
Deborah Barreau, University of North Carolina
Jens-Erik Mai, University of Toronto
Peter Morville, Semantic Studios
Victor Rosenberg, University of Michigan