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The ASIS&T Digital Library is where you will find ASIS&T publications online. Through Wiley InterScience, the Journal of Association for Information Science (JASIST), the Bulletin, Annual Review of Information Science & Technology (ARIST) can all be accessed electronically in one place. What makes this such a powerful tool is that not only can you search on an individual article or issue, but across all publications, current and past.

To access the the ASIS&T digital library, you must be a current individual ASIS&T member or an organization with a site license (provided by John Wiley) .  

The ASIS&T Digital Library includes:

*All JASIST issues are available online, starting with Volume 1, issue 1, from January 1950.  The publication was called American Documentation from 1950-1969, JASIS from 1970-2000 and JASIST from 2000-present.

More of all these publications will be added annually or as available, and all of the text has been tagged for “CrossRef” so references and citations will be live links where the source is available. We are also discussing retrospective conversion of materials so even greater resources may be available through the Digital Library.

Subscribers are able to

  • browse all content, by issue and Table of Contents; • view abstracts and full text;
  • search from a single search page with results returned by product, using the standard Wiley text search features or using the ASIST thesaurus terms; and
  • perform complex, multi-line searching and combine search lines to use results of thesaurus searches with additional searches.

This has been made possible by great cooperation from John Wiley and Access Innovations/Data Harmony .

Access Innovations, using its Data Harmony software, indexed or re-indexed all the above content, adding indexing terms to the 1997 Thesaurus of Information Science and Librarianship, edited by Jessica Milstead, to create a new, broader and expanded thesaurus. Additionally, Access Innovations/Data Harmony marked up and coded most of the materials according to the Wiley/CrossRef Document Type Definition. [Information Today will be publishing the updated Thesaurus, edited by Marjorie Hlava of Access Innovations, later in 2005.]

John Wiley was selected because of the breadth of reach of the InterScience brand. Wiley set up the Digital Library structure and did all the design work, as well as converting some back materials. Because the ASIS&T Digital Library is part of the Wiley InterScience program, materials are available on a pay-per view basis as well as by subscription, and the ASIS&T Digital Library is evident and accessible to those searching the InterScience site.

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