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ASIST 2012 Annual Meeting 
Baltimore, MD, October 26-30, 2012 

All-visual Retrieval: How People Search and Respond to an Affect-driven Visual Information Retrieval System
Gerald Benoit and Natresh Agarwal

Monday, 6:30pm


The design of information retrieval (IR) systems must respond to the goals, intentionality and prior domain knowledge of the users. During focus groups conducted, end users complained that instead of looking for specificitems, they might be interested in a spectrum of concepts - all things related to something or all things of a particular color. To respond to these needs, an entirely visuals-driven information retrieval system project was developed using a test-bed of copyright-free images reflecting monographs, graphics, and work collections. In the absence of such IR systems, not much is known about how users will interact with a visuals-only retrieval system. This poster describes the project in general and its usage to explore (a) how users interact with graphic-only retrieval for exploring traditional and non-traditional access points and (b) how the affective component impacts the use of such systems. Findings based on the study will help shed light on research based on visual information systems and user behavior when interacting with such systems. The findings will be useful both in designing systems that respond to user needs, and add to prior research in information seeking and retrieval.