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Current Volume
Volume 66 Issue 1 (January 2015)

Personalizing news content: An experimental study (pages 1–12)
Michal Sela, Talia Lavie, Ohad Inbar, Ilit Oppenheim and Joachim Meyer

Data mining from web search queries: A comparison of google trends and baidu index (pages 13–22)
Liwen Vaughan and Yue Chen

Combining lexical and statistical translation evidence for cross-language information retrieval (pages 23–39)
Sungho Kim, Youngjoong Ko and Douglas W. Oard

Factors affecting rocchio-based pseudorelevance feedback in image retrieval(pages 40–57)
Chih-Fong Tsai, Ya-Han Hu and Zong-Yao Chen

Personalizing information retrieval for multi-session tasks: Examining the roles of task stage, task type, and topic knowledge on the interpretation of dwell time as an indicator of document usefulness (pages 58–81)
Jingjing Liu and Nicholas J. Belkin

Improving image annotation via ranking-oriented neighbor search and learning-based keyword propagation (pages 82–98)
Chaoran Cui, Jun Ma, Tao Lian, Zhumin Chen and Shuaiqiang Wang

Complementary QA network analysis for QA retrieval in social question-answering websites (pages 99–116)
Duen-Ren Liu, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Minxin Shen and Pei-Jung Lu

Social impact of scholarly articles in a citation network (pages 117–127)
Jose A. García, Rosa Rodriguez-Sánchez and Joaquín Fdez-Valdivia

Exploring the knowledge development process of English language learners at a high school: How do English language proficiency and the nature of research task influence student Learning? (pages 128–143)
Sung Un Kim

Data, censorship, and politics: Analyzing the restricted flow of information in federal scientific policy development (pages 144–161)
Shannon M. Oltmann

Theorizing on the take-up of social technologies, organizational policies and norms, and consultants’ knowledge-sharing practices (pages 162–179)
Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi and Steve Sawyer

A profile-boosted research analytics framework to recommend journals for manuscripts (pages 180–200)
Thushari Silva, Jian Ma, Chen Yang and Haidan Liang

The triple helix and international collaboration in science (pages 201–212)
Sujin Choi, Joshua SungWoo Yang and Han Woo Park



A classifier to determine which Wikipedia biographies will be accepted (pages 213–218)
Nir Ofek and Lior Rokach


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