Thomson Reuters Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship

The Thomson Reuters Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship, a $1,500 cash award sponsored by Thomson Reuters, fosters research in information science by encouraging and assisting doctoral students with their dissertation research.  Established in 1981, the scholarship recognizes outstanding proposals for doctoral dissertations submitted by graduate students who have completed the course work for their doctoral degrees.

Past recipients of the Thomson Reuters Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship:

2013 Kaitlin Costello
"Investigating Information Seeking and Disclosure in Online Support Groups for Chronic Kidney Disease"
2012 Lori McCay-Peet
"At the Intersection: Investigating the Qualities of the Serendipitous Digital Environment and the Serendipity-Prone Person" 
2011 Amber Cushing
"Possession and Self Extension in Digital Environments:  Implications for Maintaining Personal Information"
2010 Jaime Snyder
"Image-Enabled Discourse: An Investigation of the Creation of Visual Information as Communicative Practice"
2009 Heather Piwowar
"Foundational Studies for Measuring the Impact, Prevalence, and Patterns of Publicy Shared Viomedical Research Data"
2008 Christina M. Finneran
"Factors that Influence Users to Keep and/or Leave Information Items: A Case Study of College Students' Personal Information Management Behavior"
2007 Philip Edwards
"Mapping Scholars' Decision Processes and Factors that Influence How they Publish and Distribute their Work"
2006 Heather O'Brien
2005 Svetlana Symonenko (Syracuse University)
2004 Meng Yang (University of North Carolina)
2003 Jiangping Chen (Syracuse University)
2002 Joan Bartlett (University of Tononto)
2001 Alesia A. Zuccala (University of Toronto) 
2000 Anne R. Diekma (Syracuse University)
1999 Brian Detlor (University of Toronto)
1998 Karla Hahn (University of Maryland)
1997 R. David Lankes (Syracuse University)
1996 Abby Goodrum (University of North Texas)
1995 William Moen (Syracuse University)
1994 Corrine Jorgensen (Syracuse University)
1993 Sam G. Oh (Syracuse University)
1992 Deborah Gillaspie (University of Chicago)
1991 Diane H. Sonnewald (Rutgers University)
1990 Cynthia Lopata (Drexel University)
1989 Ingrid P.Y. Hsieh-Yee (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison)
1988 Stephanie W. Haas (University of Pittsburgh)
1987 Barbara Wildemuth (Drexel University)
1986 Elizabeth D Liddy (Syracuse University)
1985 Gail Thornburg (University of Illinois)
1984 Danny P. Wallace (University of Illinois)
1983 Barbara A. Rapp (Drexel University)
1982 Susan Bonzi (University of Illinois)