Taxonomy: From Theory to Practice
Friday, October 26, 2012, Half Day 8:30am-12:30pm (seminar fee)

Taxonomy presentations are generally very theoretical as a whole, with very little practical application applied to them; the goal behind this presentation would be to focus on the practical aspects of designing, implementing, and maintaining a taxonomy. This will bring the theoretical ideas of taxonomical classification into the world of many practitioners, while identifying the real world issues. Taking users on a journey from a conceptual idea for a taxonomy, this half day workshop will guide them in the steps needed to create and maintain a working taxonomy. 

The main goal for this workshop is to not spend a lot of time with a lecture or watching a powerpoint, but to really allow the participants to be just that: participants. The middle section of the planned workshop will involve them classifying their own (physical) objects and creating different levels of organization out of the classifications in a group setting. 

Since this workshop will be focused on the design and implementation of a taxonomy, the proposal for the workshop is broken out hierarchically as to what will be talked about. While this is not a comprehensive list of what will be talked about during the workshop, the outline gives a good overview of all of the topics that will be touched on during the workshop. 

Jacob Ratliff is the Archivist/Taxonomy Librarian at the National Fire Protection Association, and in charge of creating and maintaining controlled vocabularies throughout the Association. Jacob previously worked at the University of Denver and the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries doing digital project management and metadata support after graduating with his MLIS from the University of Denver with a concentration in Knowledge Management and a specialization in Information Science and Technology. Jacob is also a recipient of an ASIS&T New Leader Award, and is a member of the ASIS&T Online Education Task Force. During his free time, Jacob enjoys video games and has begun co-moderating a blog with Diane Rasmussen Neal on gaming and information ( 

Sara Mooney is the Information Architect at Zappos Development, Inc., and maintains the site taxonomy, navigation, and other site architecture initatives for and She previously worked at Cirque du Soleil as a Documentalist (knowledge manager) for all resident shows, which included forming a taxonomy for inter-show use and SharePoint implementation strategizing. During her free time, Sara is active in the Las Vegas Tech community (, and a librarian / board member for /usr/lib (, a membership-driven special library serving the Las Vegas startup and technical community. Sara holds an MLIS degree from Florida State University, and was a 2010 recipient of an ASIS&T New Leader Award.

Early Bird:  Members $175, non-members $200
After Sept. 7:  Members $200, non-members $225