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Dervin's Sense-Making Methodology Interviewing: A Communication Approach to Research Design, Data Collection, and Analysis
Friday, October 26, 2012, Full Day 9:00am-5:00pm (seminar fee)

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide an intensive one-day introduction to Dervin's Sense-Making Methodology (SMM). SMM has been developed as a comprehensive philosophically anchored methodology grounded in principles that aim to implement research, design, and practice communicatively -- based on deep principles of interactive and open dialogue and premises about the nature of reality, humans, and information consonant with these principles. The methodology -- in development since 1972, has been used to study users and potential users (by whatever names they may be called: users, patrons, patients, clients, customers, employees, citizens, audience members, participants, and so on) in myriad contexts, including both at different levels of analysis (e.g. intra-personal, interpersonal, small group, and societal communication) and for a large list of different substantive foci. Among the latter are included studies of how people make sense of: e.g., everyday information seeking and use in virtually every context; everyday understanding of social theory, policy and political communication; media reception and use studies in both virtual and non-virtual "worlds"; communication campaign design studies; health communication; sense-making of the arts; and how people make sense of spirituality, and life's uncertainties. The early stages of Dervin's work on SMM were central to how she and Nilan approached the seminal ARIST 1986 chapter on "information needs and uses" often cited as being a major impetus of the turn to "user-oriented" studies in LIS. 

This SMM tutorial will provide an intensive introduction to the Methodology emphasizing, in particular, it's use in interviewing and how these interviewing approaches are used in research, pedagogy, the design of dialogue, and the communicative construction of systems. The tutorial will also place the SMM approach to the study of sense-making (sometimes labeled sensemaking) within the context of the other dominant approaches now in the literature. 

Brenda Dervin
is Director of the Sense-Making Methodology Institute (Meridian, Idaho) and Emeritus Full Professor of Communication, Ohio State University. She also holds appointments as Adjunct Full Professor, Department of Communication Studies, College of Social & Behavioral Science and Social Work, Eastern Washington University (Cheney); and Associate Faculty, Department if Communication, Boise State University. She holds a BS from Cornell; and MS, and PhDs from Michigan State University, all in communication; and an honorary doctorate in social sciences from the University of Helsinki. Dervin has held faculty positions at what was formerly the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University; and in communication at the University of Washington. as well as in Communication at OSU. She has lectured at universities in some 25 states and 30 countries; and has served as a frequent consultant focusing on research and communication design. She has supervised numerous grant projects, funded for example by IMLS, the California State Library, and the National Cancer Institute. Her work currently reflects some 54,500 Google hits; and 2600 Google Scholar hits. She has had 39 articles published in ISI-listed venues with an average citation count per of 23.

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