Knowledge Audits From A to Z (SIG KM)
Saturday, October 27, 2012, Full Day 9:00am-5:00pm (workshop fee)

The one-day workshop focuses on helping participants to diagnose opportunities for knowledge management interventions that support the operational work of an organization. Through the workshop, participants will learn how to conduct a knowledge audit, develop knowledge maps, and conduct other KM diagnostics on the operational needs and organizational culture, to reach recommendations on possible interventions. This workshop demonstrates approaches and techniques for tactical knowledge management interventions. This is not intended to be a knowledge management strategy development workshop.

Workshop Learning Goal and Objectives

  • To understand the different forms of organizational knowledge and their matching strategies
  • To prepare a knowledge classification structure and definitions of types of organizational knowledge 
  • To identify knowledge audit stakeholders 
  • To be able to plan and conduct a knowledge audit and to perform KM diagnostics pertaining to both operational needs and cultural factors 
  • To be able to build and analyze activity-based knowledge maps 
  • To experience the challenge of assign value to knowledge assets 
  • To be able to develop recommendations for knowledge management interventions based on knowledge audits and diagnostic exercises 
  • Assess value of knowledge assets – prioritizing knowledge management interventions

Patrick Lambe is a two-term President of the Information and Knowledge Management Society and founder and Principal Consultant of Straits Knowledge, a KM consulting and research firm based in Singapore. He is also Adjunct Professor of Knowledge Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Patrick has prepared and successfully delivered workshops on knowledge audits around the world, to a variety of organizations. This workshop builds on his successful experiences. (

Denise Bedford is the Goodyear Professor of Knowledge Management. Dr. Bedford has 30 years of experience in the field of information and knowledge sciences. She currently teaches a range of graduate level courses in knowledge management at Kent State University and Georgetown University. Her research interests are intellectual capital management, knowledge typologies, and knowledge economics. This workshop incorporates elements of Dr. Bedford’s short course on knowledge audits and knowledge asset valuation.

Early Bird:  Members $150, non-members $175
After Sept. 7:  Members $175, non-members $200