2010 SIG of the Year

SIG Information Needs, Seeking and Use (SIG USE)

The 2010 SIG of the Year is SIG Information Needs, Seeking and Use (SIG USE). SIG USE celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2009 with a special workshop and reception, publication, a promotional poster, conference “swag”, and multiple contacts with their members both through traditional publications and online in a variety of web 2.0 platforms, and in Second Life. One of the jury members said it best, “This SIG leveraged the opportunity offered by their 10th anniversary year to aid in recruitment and retention of members, to publicize the SIG, to celebrate its members, and to promote awareness of its activities... Their summary of their annual activities sparkles with energy and enthusiasm, and ASIST is fortunate to have SIG-USE as one of its constituent bodies.” Congratulations to SIG USE, and particularly to Soo Young Rieh, Chair, and all the other officers of SIG USE, for being this year’s ASIS&T SIG of the Year.