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2009 ASIS&T Annual Meeting
Thriving on Diversity - Information Opportunities in a Pluralistic World
November 6-11, 2009
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

   Detailed Conference Program   | Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday legend = Plenary Sessions, Social Events, Governance

8:30-12:30 Seminar:  SIG SI Workshop: People Information and Technology: The Social Analysis of Computing in a Diverse and Pluralistic World
8:30-5:00 Seminar:  SIG CR Workshop: Bridging Worlds, Connecting People: Classification Transcending Boundaries
9:00-5:00 Seminar:  Symposium on Informetrics and Scientometrics Research
9:00-5:00 Seminar:  Personal Information Intersections: What Happens When PIM Spaces Overlap?
1:30-6:00 Seminar:  SIG USE Symposium: Collaborative Information Seeking and Sharing
6:30pm SIG USE 10th Anniversary Reception
SUNDAY, Nov. 8
8:30-12:30 Seminar:  Personal Information Intersections: What Happens When PIM Spaces Overlap?
8:30 Chapter Assembly Meeting
10:00 SIG Cabinet Meeting
11:30 New Member and First Conference Brunch

Conference Sessions Begin

1:00 Plenary Session 1: Tim Bray, Sun Microsystems
3:30 Asking Difficult Questions about Institutional Repositories: Factors for Success and New Directions for Development and Research (SIG DL)
June Abbas, Catherine Mitchell, Carole Palmer and Soo Young Rieh
Towards Positive Information Science? (SIGs USE, HFIS)
Jarkko Kari, Jenna Hartel, Robert Stebbins, Marcia Bates
Evolving Curricula in LIS-Focused Bioinformatics Programs (SIGs ED, BIO, CR, KM, STI)
Joan Bartlett, Bradley Hemminger, W. John MacMullen, Julia Kampov-Polevoi, Gerald Benoit (moderator)
Information Access: The Global Context #1

Human Information Security Behaviors: Differences Across Geographies and Cultures in a Global User Survey
Lance Hayden 

The Impact of ICTs on Politics in Uganda: The Convergence of Radio and Telephony in the Power Contest Between the Resurging Buganda Nationalism and the Central Government 
Samuel Muwanguzi 

Using Human Authored Description Logics ABoxes as Concept Models for Natural Language Generation 
Steven Kraines, Weisen Guo 

Information Access: Toward a More Robust Conceptualization  Shannon Oltmann
Health Information Behavior 

Results of a Factorial Survey Investigating the Health Information Seeking Behaviors of Older Adults 
  Mary Stansbury, Ruth Ludwick 

Personal and External Determinants of Medical Bloggers' Knowledge Sharing Behavior
  Faezeh Karimi, Danny C. C. Poo 

"A Lot of People Didn't Have a Chance to Support Us Because We Never Told Them..." Stigma Management, Information Poverty and HIV/AIDS Information/Help Networks
Tiffany Veinot 
5:30 Leadership Development Program (free, but you must register in advance)
6:30 Welcome Reception/SIG RUSH
MONDAY, Nov. 9
8:00 Eyes on the Future: Trends in Information Technology
Jeannette Kopak, Nick Finck, Sandra Hirsh, Brian Fling
Information Seeking and Use in Diverse Organizational Contexts  (SIG USE)
Brian Detlor, Chun Wei Choo, Maureen MacKenzie,, Don Turnbull, Matt Ratto
Documentation and Communication in Aboriginal/Indigenous Cultures (SIG HFIS)
Polit Geir Grenersen, Brendan Edwards, Ramesh Srinivasan
Information Seeking Behavior

Searching For Good Mood: Examining Relationships Between Search Task and Mood 
Irene Lopatovska

Take Your Time First, Time Your Search Later: How College Students Perceive Time in Web Searching  Shu-Yi (Max) Chen, Soo Young Rieh 

Selection of Information Sources: Accessibility of and Familiarity with Sources, and Types of Tasks
  Iris Xie, Soohyung Joo 

Perceived Competence and Reading Enjoyment as Contributors to Information Skills and Digital Technology Knowledge  Marilyn P. Arnone, Rebecca Reynolds, Todd Marshall
Information Retrieval 

Query Expansion Using UMLS Tools for Health Information Retrieval
  Kun Lu, Xiangming Mu 

Beyond Topicality: Finding Opinionated Documents 
Yejun Wu, Douglas Oard

An Empirical Evaluation on Textual Results Clustering for Web Search  Hsiao-Tieh Pu, Shi-Yin Chen, Pei-Yi Kuo 
Posters 1
10:30 A Glimpse of the Cutting Edge in Information Applications
Moderator: Luanne Freund
The Ethics of Studying Online Communities: Challenges to Research Design and Data Collection (SIGs USE, BWP, IFP, SI)
Hsin-Liang Chen, Sheila Denn, Kenneth Fleischmann, Jean Preer, Barbara Wildemuth
New Directions in Information History (SIGs HFIS, SI)
Thomas Haigh, Geoffrey Bowker, William Aspray, Robert Williams
Bridging Between Scientific Disciplines: Educational Strategies to Meet the Challenge of Managing Information Across the Sciences (SIGs STI, ED)
Catherine Blake, John D'Ignazio, Diane Sonnenwald
Information and Media Literacy

Outcomes of Information Literacy Instruction for Undergraudate Business Students
  Heidi Julien, Brian Detlor, Alexander Serenko, Rebekah Willson, Maegen Lavallee

The Development of Students' Information Literacy and IT Skills via Inquiry PBL and Collaborative Teaching
  Sam Chu, Ken Chow, S.K. Tse 

Identifying Undergraduate Media Literacy Skills: An Exploratory Study of Faculty Perceptions
  Sarah Bordac 
Posters 1
12:30 Committee Meetings - Awards and Honors, Constitution and Bylaws, Education, Membership, Publication
1:30 Metatheoretical Snowmen (SIGs HFIS, CRIT, USE)
Jenna Hartel, Howard D. White, Pamela McKenzie, Jens-Erik Mai, Paul Solomon, Siobhan Stevenson, Marcia Bates
Award Winning Student Papers (SIG ED)
Barbara Wildemuth
Digital Libraries for Biodiversity and Natural History Collections (SIG DL)
Miguel E. Ruiz, Jacob Kramer-Duffield, Jane Greenberg, Nathan Hall, P. Bryan Heidorn

"It Challenges Members to Think of Their Work Through Another Kind of Specialist's Eyes": Exploration of the Benefits and Challenges of Diversity in Digital Project Teams
  Lynne Siemens, Wendy Duff, Claire Warwick, Richard Cunningham 

Generalizing Link Prediction: Collaboration at the University of Antwerp as a Case Study 
Raf Guns 

Artifact Usefulness and Usage in Sensemaking Handoffs
  Nikhil Sharma, George Furnas
Human Computer Interaction/Usability

The Impact of Presentation vs. Interaction Design on User's Satisfaction with Digital Libraries
  Jingjing Liu, Xiangmin Zhang 

Providing Support for Multi-Session Web Tasks
  Bonnie MacKay, Carolyn Watters 

An Analysis of Formally Published Usability and Web Usability Definitions  Yu-Hui Chen, Carol Anne Germain, Abebe Rorissa
Free Access to Computers and the Internet at Public Libraries: International Reflections on Outcomes and Methods (SIGs USE, IFP, III, SI)
Karen Fisher, Chris Coward, Michael Crandall, Ricardo Gomez, Araba Sey, Ragnar Audunson
3:30 Nationality in Information Behavior: Comparing Koreans and Japanese (SIG USE)
Jae Whoan Lee, Yong-Wan Cho, Jee-hyun Rho, Eun-Joo Lee, Ichiro Ohba, Yu-ra Yoon
Opportunities, Threats, & Theoretical Approaches: Research in Traditional and Social Virtual Reference Quality (SIG HCI)
Marie L. Radford, Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Jeffrey Pomerantz, Chirag Shah, Jung Sun Oh, Sanghee Oh, Rich Gazan

Evaluating a Metadata-based Term Suggestion Interface for PubMed with Real Users with Real Requests 
Muh-Chyun Tang, Wan-Ching Wu, Bang-Woei Hung

Evalating the Metadata Quality of the IPL
Shanshan Ma, Caimei Lu, Xia Lin, Mike Galloway 

To What Degree Can Log Data Profile a Web Searcher?
  Bernard Jansen, Danille Booth, Daehee Park, Mimi Zhang, Ying Zhang, Ashish Kathuria, Pat Bonner. 
Information Science Domains 

Information Science in the Web Era: A Term-Based Approach to Domain Mapping
Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan 

Mapping Library and Information Science: Does Field Delineation Matter?
  Dangzhi Zhao

Characteristics of Bioinformatics Employment Advertisements
  Jennifer I. Hill, W. John MacMullen, Carole Palmer 
The DataNet Partners: Sharing Science, Linking Domains, Curating Data (SIGs KM, SI, STI)
Robert Sandusky, Carole Palmer, Suzie Allard, Melissa Cragin, Patricia Cruse, Allen Renear, Carol Tenopir

5:00 Committee Meetings - Leadership, Standards, Student Chapter Advisors, Nominations 
6:30 Alumni Reception
8:00 International Reception
TUESDAY, Nov. 10
7:00 Chapter Assembly Planning Breakfast
8:30 The System of Professions: Testing the Boundaries
Marcia Bates, Prudence Dalrymple, Cassidy Sugimoto, Jose-Marie Griffiths
Preparing Future Generations for Rapidly Changing Globalized World: What Does it Mean for Information Literacy? (SIG ED)
Zorana Ercegovac, John Seely Brown, Roberta Shaffer, Leslie Johnston
Social Reference and Digital Reference: Online Question Answering Practices in Two Diverse Communities (SIGs SI, BWP, USE)
Pnina Shachaf, Howard Rosenbaum, Eileen Abels, Marie Radford, Lynn Connaway, Rich Gazan, Chirag Shah
Information Access and the Web

Users' Views on Country-specific Search Engine Results 
Judit Bar-Ilan, Mark Levene 

Information Access Across Languages on the Web: From Search Engines to Digital Libraries
  Jiangping Chen, Yu Bao 

Assessing the Accessibility of Web 2.0 Websites 
Tyson McMillan, Lin Lin
Text Processing

Introducing a Cognitive Methodology for the Automated Detection of Connotative Meaning in Text
  Jaime Snyder, Michael A. D'Eredita, Ozgur Yilmazel, Elizabeth D. Liddy

Author Name Disambiguation for Collaboration Network Analysis and Visualization
  Andreas Strotmann, Dangzhi Zhao, Tania Bubela 

Analyzing Cross-Reference Transactions Between Authors by Use of an Asymmetric Proximity Measure and Multidimensional Unfolding  Jesper W. Schneider, Pia Borlund 
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10:30 Stakeholder's Views on Information Education
Rachel Elkington, Cynthia Fugate, Deanna Morrow Hall, Mark Greene
Multiple Facets of Personalization (SIGs DL, HCI)
Jacek Gwizdka, Nicholas Belkin, Luanne Freund, Susan Gauch, Jaime Teevan
New Modes of Information Behavior Emerging From the Social Web (SIG USE)
Gunilla Widén-Wulff, Isto Huvila, Hazel Hall, Maria Kronqvist-Berg, Outi Nivakoski, Helena Francke
Information Policy 

Policy and Protocols for Digitized Indigenous Knowledge in Cultural Heritage Organizations in Australia and New Zealand
  Kirsten D. Francis, Chern Li Liew

Internet RFCs as Social Policy: Network Design from a Regulatory Perspective Sandra Braman 
Information Organization: Tags and Frames 

Book Tagging on LibraryThing: How, Why, and What are in the Tags?
  Peishan Bartley

Tags as Keywords: Comparison of the Relative Quality of Tags and Keywords  Sue Yeon Syn, Michael Spring

A Two-Step Model for Video Key-Frame Determination
  Hyun Hee Kim, Yong Ho Kim
12:00 Awards Luncheon
2:00 Narratives, Facts, and Events in the Foundations of Information Science (SIG HFIS)
Michael Buckland, Thomas Dousa, Ryan Shaw
What Can Eye-Trackers Visualize?  An Approach to Capture the Reality of Search Processes (SIG USE)
Makiko Miwa, Sanda Erdelez, Haakon Lund, Jacek, Gwizdka
Query Formulation in Web Search (SIGs HCI, USE)
Efthimis Efthimiadis, Jeff Huang, Amanda Spink, Jim Jansen
Conceptual Information System Design 

Information System Design for Communication: The Use of Genre as a Design Element
  Melanie Feinberg

Information in Action: A Situated View
  Hamid Ekbia 

Overcoming Inadequate Documentation
  Jinfang Niu
Information Behavior

Delineating the Boundary of "Context" in Information Behavior: Towards a Contextual Identity Framework
  Naresh Kumar Agarwal, Yunjie (Calvin) Xu, Danny C. C. Poo 

Children's Strategies in Coping with Daily Life: Does Information Matter?
  Ya-Ling Lu

Practicing Place: Collective Experience and Difference in an Urban Online Forum  Dana Walker, Patrick Wehner
3:30 Celebrating 10 Years of SIG USE: A Fish Bowl Dialogue on Information Behavior Research Past, Present & Future (SIG USE)
Crystal Fulton
On the Challenges of Implementing Library 2.0 Services: A (Diverse) Panel Discussion (SIG LT)
Michael Zimmer, Edward Corrado, Marisa Ramirez, Kara Reuter, Sara Rofofsky Marcus, Nasser Saleh, KT Vaughan
Image Indexing and Retrieval: Current Projects and a Comprehensive Research Agenda for the Future (SIG VIS)
Corinne Jorgensen, Joan Beaudoin, Elaine Menard, Diane Neal, Besiki Stvilla
Diversity and Commonality of Information Science Education in a Pluralistic World (SIG ED)
Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Heting Chu, Joseph Janes, Eileen Abels, Linda Schamber, Samantha Hastings
DataONE: Protecting the Future of Environmental and Ecological Data (SIGs DL, STI, KM)
Suzie Allard, Patricia Cruse, Robert Sandusky, Carol Tenopir
5:30 Annual Business Meeting (all welcome)
8:00 SIG CON 
8:30 Getting Started in an Academic Career (SIG ED)
Barbara Wildemuth, Howard Rosenbaum, Harry Bruce, Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Barbara Kwasnik, Edie Rasmussen, Carol Tenopir, Dietmar Wolfram
Diverse Approaches to "Tasks" in Information Science: Conceptual and Methodological Insights (SIGs USE, HCI)
Theresa Anderson, Katriina Bystrom, Luanne Freund, Louise Limberg, Eric Myers, Elaine Toms
Disruptive Technologies in Health Information Landscapes: the Case of Diabetes and HbA1c (SIG MED)
Fiona Black, Kathleen Amos, Anatoliy Gruzd
Standards and Best Practices in Scientific Data Management: Promoting Interoperability and Re-Use (SIG STI) 
Part 1 (continues at 1:30pm)

Cita Furlani, Jane Greenberg, Joe Hourcle,  Elizabeth Jones, Gail Hodge (moderator)
Information Organization in Libraries, Archives and Museums: Converging Practices and Collaboration Opportunities (SIG ED)
Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Elaine Menard, Shu-Jiun (Sohy) Chen, Ya-Ning (Arthur) Chen, Martin Kalfatovic, Kathy Wisser, Jeonghyun (Annie) Kim
10:30 Plenary Session 2:  Diversity in Digital Information Environments: Opportunity or Chaos?  A Pecha-Kucha Presentation
12:30 SIG Planning Meeting (All SIGs)
1:30 Children, Technology and Social Values: Enabling Children's Voices in a Pluralistic World (SIGs USE, SI, HCI)
Theresa Anderson, Allison Druin, Kenneth Fleischmann, Eric Meyers, Lisa Nathan, Kristene Unsworth
Shared Personal Space: Meeting the Needs of Multiple Users and Multiple Purposes (SIG DL)
Deborah Barreau, Jaime Teevan, Andrea Japzon, Kristina Spurgin
International Partnerships in Developing and Deploying Health Open Educational Resources (SIGs III, ED, MED)
Airong Luo, Dick Ng'ambi, Gregory Doyle, Ana Cleveland
Institutional Review Boards: Ethics, Regulations and the Research Agenda (SIG AH)
Lisa Nathan, Alpha DeLap, Phillip Edwards, Nathan Freier
Standards and Best Practices in Scientific Data Management: Promoting Interoperability and Re-Use (SIG STI)
Part 2 (continued from 8:30am)

Cita Furlani, Jane Greenberg, Joe Hourcle, Gail Hodge, Elizabeth Jones, Jian Qin
Posters 3
3:30 Web-Based Teaching: Surviving and Thriving in a Pluralistic Online World (SIG ED)
Trudi Hahn, June Lester, Diane Barlow, Nancy Roderer, Elizabeth Aversa, Stephen Bajjaly, Beth Riggs
Globalization of Intellectual Property Rights: Implications of the TRIPS Agreement for Access to HIV/AIDS Drugs in Africa (SIGs IFP, III)
John Agada, John Gathegi, Johannes Britz, Peter Lohr
Beyond (Simple) Reading: Strategies, Discoveries, and Collaborations (SIG STI)
Vetle Torvik, Allen Renear, Neil Smalheiser, Cathy Marshall
Evolutionary Approaches to Information Science Research and Information Use (SIG USE)
Amanda Spink, Charles Cole, James Currier
International Implementation of Digital Library Software/Platforms (SIGs DL, III)
Fatih Oguz, Yasar Tonta, EunKyung Chung, Ezra S. Gbaje, Krystyna Matusiak
Posters 3
6:00 President's Reception