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Fully Mobile Wirelessly Connected Technology Applications: Organizational Communication, Social, and Information Challenges

Shuhua (Monica) Liu, Kristene Unsworth, Raya Fidel and Hans J. (Jochen) Scholl

(Submission #37)


The City of Seattle is pioneering the utilization of

fully mobile wirelessly connected (FMWC) technology

applications in fieldwork operations with the aim of

significantly improving its operational effectiveness

and efficiency as well as its quality of service. Our

study analyzes and assesses the efficacy of this

prototypical project in local government and

preliminary findings show that beyond the expectable

technology hurdles numerous unforeseen challenges in

organizational communication and the social context

emerge, which when taken together can present staunch

obstacles to achieving the intended outcome. Our

study uses a work-centered analytical framework for

deriving and clarifying the strategic choices in such

projects via a formative model. Our (narrative) model

captures and brings to the surface the interaction

and interdependence between major organizational

variables and the work context. In this paper, we

report on our early observations and high-level


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