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Social Capital 2.0: New ICTs and New Social Forms (SIG-KM, SIG-CRIT)

Ronald E. Day, Claire McInerney, Joseph T. Tennis, Anna-Karin Tötterman, Gunilla Widén-Wulff and Steve Wright

(Submission #49)


In this panel we investigate the relation between social capital and methods of populist, post-coordinate knowledge management which has popularly been termed Web 2.0 or Library 2.0. We include in this examination the management of persons and groups, as matrixes and agents of knowledge, and we center our examination upon the ways that documentary forms and social organization can give rise to social capital as embodied by producers and their expressions rather than occurring as the result of the managerial pre-coordination of personnel and documents (or the latter’s representations). In the historical and social shifts from a managerial to a user or worker perspective, we may note, as well, a possible change in the notion of information from that of the supposed effect of documentary forms to social networks and their expressive productions, that is, a shift from a documentary to a post-documentary notion of information and a shift from a managerial to a post-managerial notion of organizational culture. Such shifts may require us to shift our foci and methods, as well, from an epistemology and a practice that emphasizes content and content management to that of social constructivism and viewing content as the expressive product of cultural forms, social situations, and personal interactions (and with this, a need for greater ethnographic, philosophical, critical, aesthetic, and historical methods of research).

Sponsors: SIG-CRIT, SIG-KM


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