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The Complexity and Value of Managing in the Digital Environment (SIG MGT)

Maureen Mackenzie, Don Turnbull and Brian Detlor

(Submission #3)


This panel session combines individual presentations with a group discussion. The focus of this session and the expertise of this panel bring together ways of coordinating, evangelizing and adapting in organizations that are more connected digitally than physically. The digital environment is both a management blessing and a burden. The panelists offer varying viewpoints and perspectives into our expanding digital world. This session reflects the interests of SIG-MGT membership and aligns with the ASIST 2007 theme of “Joining Research and Practice: Social Computing and Information Science” The individual panelists will speak to the following topics: Dr. Brian Detlor, McMaster University, will discuss managing government digital Environments focusing on case analyses of multiple municipal community portals. Dr. Don Turnbull, University of Texas at Austin, will discuss managing digital creation and collaboration with a focus on advocacy. And finally, Dr. Maureen Mackenzie will discuss the influence of Technology on the Traditional Roles of Managers in Organizations focusing on user behavior within Digital Environments.


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