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Wiki a la carte: Understanding participation behaviors (SIG SI and SIG BWP)

Pnina Shachaf, Noriko Hara, Curt Bonk, Thomas Mackey, Bradley Hemminger, Besiki Stvilia and Howard Rosenbaum

(Submission #10)


This panel focuses on trends in research on Wikis. Wikis have become prevalent in our society and are used for multiple purposes, such as education, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and coordination. Similar to other popular social computing tools, they raise new research questions and have attracted the attention of researchers in information science. While some focus on the semantic web, the automatic processing of data accumulated by users, and tool improvements, others discuss social implications of Wikis. This panel presents four studies that address the social uses of Wikis that support information sharing. In their studies, the panelists use a variety of novel applications of research methods, such as action research, and online ethnography, site observation, survey, and interviews. The panelists will present their findings: Shachaf and Hara will discuss Wikipediansí norms and behaviors; Bonk will present collaborative writing on Wikibook; Mackey will discuss authorship and collaboration in; Hemminger will share results from the early use of wikis for conference communications; and Stvilia will outline the community mechanism of information quality assurance in Wikipedia.


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