Chapter of the Year:  2013, 2012

European Chapter

The European Chapter of ASIS&T was established in 1993, turning the North European Chapter (which existed before) into a pan-european chapter.

ASIS-EC aims to promote the exchange of research and good practice amongst L&IS professionals. This is particularly important since European L&IS institutions, practice and historical traditions differ significantly from their North-American counterparts. We feel that one of the duties of the chapter is precisely the promotion of ideas and research across national borders within Europe, and within the ASIS membership worldwide.

We are therefore active in fostering ASIS-EC sponsored sessions at major European conferences. We have hosted sessions in DOCUMAT, Spain, NORD-IO, Norway and LIDA in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Our yearly session at IOLIM in London is becoming a tradition amongst our members.

Please check our site regularly for conference announcements in Europe, links to European libraries, and other news related to Library and Information Science and Technology in Europe.