Chapter Development Fund Policy and Application Form



The purpose of the fund is to assist in the development of new chapters, revitalizing inactive chapters, and providing support for projects that are intended to increase chapter membership and/or overall ASIS&T membership. 

The Chapter Development Fund was established to provide chapters with a resource for building, developing, and strengthening chapters. The fund money should be used for projects which will result in the development of a new chapter, revitalization of an existing chapter, or increased membership, member retention, or publicity for an existing chapter. Chapter Development Fund money cannot be used to pay travel expenses for ASIS&T members or honoraria for speakers. 


  1. The chapter developer or chair will completed and submit a Chapter Development Proposal Form (see below). 
  2. The form will be reviewed by a ad hoc committee consisting of the Chapter Assembly Director, Deputy Assembly Director, and the chapter’s Chapter Assembly Advisor, and the ASIS&T Executive Director as an ex-officio member. 
  3. The Chapter Assembly Director will communicate the committee’s decision within one month of proposal submission. 
  4. The chapter will be responsible for submitting a Chapter Development Fund Summary Report, including all proper receipts, with their next annual report. 

The money in the Chapter Development Fund is distributed upon requests from the Chapters according to procedures established by the Chapter Assembly. A regional chapter may request up to $1,000 from the Chapter Development Fund annually. A student chapter may request up to $200 from the Chapter Development Fund annually. Joint projects, including any combination of regional and student chapters, may request up to $1500. annually. 

Chapter Development Fund Application





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State / Zip:




Phone #:


Chapter Office Held:



Project Name:



Project Start Date:



Project End Date:



Type of Proposal:

Describe how the project will strengthen the chapter(s).
This may include increased membership, publicity or exposure for the chapter, capturing or celebrating chapter history, program sharing amongst chapters, and/or establishing or strengthening regional-student regional-regional chapter relationships.


Provide a detailed budget.
Show how the amount requested will be spent.


I understand that Chapter Development Funds cannot be used for speaker honorariums or travel.


Thank You
Thank you for your Chapter Development Fund request.  Your request will be passed to the Chapter Assembly Director, who will communicate the committee's decision within one month of proposal submission.