September 5, 2013 ASIS&T AZ Chapter Meeting

1. Discuss chapter report and uploading
Discuss website updating
2. Discuss speaker and other future activities 3. Discuss next meeting and future meetings

Marila ( Don Fallis
Hong Cui
Yan Han
Diane Daly

Chapter report:

Now shared.
Financial report due in October, and treasurer usually simply emails ASIST to submit it.


Marila will lower resolution of web header.

Post meeting notes (Meeting note taker - Diane this time, getting site login from Marila to post notes; Hong next time)

Social media: ASIST general FB page is


AZ-ASIST FB account perhaps in future with higher activity levels

Speaker: Trish: Online via elluminate
Hong will ask Bruce first, then we should tell Trish time and date possibilities.

Other events:

SIRLS internship / job fair October 26th
AZ-ASIST may participate using jobs websites, for example:

Look for more correspondence over email.

Resume, CV, and Professionalism workshop with Kay M. ASIST could help with recruiting reviewers by field December SIRLS graduates are interested in. HR then those who put out call then phone call then 2nd phone call, so it should be 1 dept head and 1 Sr. librarian.

Look for more correspondence over email.
LSO Student Symposium spring sponsorship:
2 awards- students vote 1-4th choices
Diane will contact LSO just to get them thinking about it/
Ontology tags project from last semester: Ended up with a quality
poster; ask Julian E for more information.
Members are encouraged to consider going to Montreal for the annual
meeting, Nov. 1-5 in Montreal.
Jan 25, Friday, 2013 ASIS&T AZ Chapter Meeting

Location: the multipurpose room of the School of Information Resource and Library Science

Attendants: Steven Chong, Hong Cui, Don Fallis, Yan Han, Sarah Philipson and Qianjin Zhang (ordered by last name) 


  1. Brief Self-introduction.

  2. Hong Cui's research presentation

    Hong gave a wonderful presentation on Plant Habitat Ontology. The interface of Flora of North America Experimental Search was presented. Her group has been working on habitat ontology candidate terms to achieve the goal of building a controlled vocabulary for the interface.

  3. Discussion: ASIS&T AZ Chapter will hold a workshop of introduction to programming language such as Java or Perl in the near future. The workshop is aimed at improving the SIRLS graduate students' computer skills.

  4. Luncheon (Optional) at Student Union