Recent Events
April 26, 2007 Working Information Networks: a Tribute to Henriette Avram We hosted a retrospective presentation on women's contributions to networked information management.  Beginning with the "mother of MARC", Henriette Avram, we will explore how collaborative information management has evolved over the years, and especially how women have played important roles in the development process.

  • Beacher Wiggins, Library of Congress
  • Sally McCallum, Library of Congress
  • Gail Hodge, Information International Associates
  • Nikkia Anderson, Information International Associates
  • Jennifer Preece, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland
February 27, 2007 Ahead of the Curve:the Future of Internet Policy and What It Means for You

Thanks to our speakers Ken Fleischmann, Stephen Hannestad, and Paul Jaeger of the Center for Information Policy, University of Maryland.

Hear the audio:

Clip 1 - 13:07 minutes (mpg)
Clip 2 - 13:47 minutes (mpg)
Clip 3 - 2:38 minutes (mpg)
Clip 4 - 6:44 minutes (mpg)
Clip 5 - 43.40 minites (mpg)
Clip 6 - 16:54 minutes

November 14, 2006 "Ready, Set, Go!  Quick but Complete Disaster Planning" Thanks to speaker Jeanne M. Drewes, Chief, Binding and Collections Care, Library of Congress.  View the handout (pdf) or listen to the presentation in mpg (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)
October 6, 2006 SIG III and PVC Annual International Paper Contest Thanks for joining SIG III and PVC for SIG III's annual International Paper Contest fundraiser. View the photos.
September 27, 2006 "Federated Search of Today and Tomorrow...What's Current, What's Coming..."

Thanks to our speakers for a riveting evening. Access their presentations: Shanyun Zhang, Electronic Resources Librarian, John K. Mullen Library

- The Catholic University of America (Powerpoint, PDF, listen to mpg) Bradley Gernand, Library Manager, Institute for Defense Analyses (Powerpoint, PDF, listen to mpg)

- Kathleen McGlaughlin, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Library (Powerpoint, PDF, listen to mpg)

- Listen to Q&A mpg

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