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Potomac Valley Chapter 

Harvey Rishikof, Drexel University
Shattered Boundaries: Wither the Cyber Future

Our discussion will address the vulnerabilities of cyberspace, difficulties in characterizing cyber-events and the variant motivations of hackers, followed by a review of various solutions and approaches for addressing major hurdles in cybersecurity.

The Internet boom of the early 2000’s exerted a strain on the legal framework of boundaries applied to commerce, communications, law enforcement and even some aspects of armed conflict, causing it to groan and fracture. Obsolescence was temporarily postponed by buttressing; one key reform of the USA PATRIOT Act was that it characterized Internet service companies as communications providers. Police access to voicemail was directed through wiretap warrants rather than physical searches. Old communications-related statutes were adapted and “duct-taped.” Over the past couple of years, however, these fractures have grown to such magnitude that the old framework can no longer be adjusted to keep pace; it has finally shattered.

For example, in any new or unusual war paradigm, first impulses direct us to rely on what has worked in the past, to transpose core ideas and systems. Cybersecurity presents an entirely different challenge. The traditional fundamentals can no longer be adapted and re-applied. We need not be afraid—it is only natural that technological progress results in the need for new approaches.

Harvey RishikofHarvey Rishikof
Harvey Rishikof specializes in national security law, civil and military courts, terrorism, international law, civil liberties, civilian/military relations, governmental process, and the U.S. Constitution. He currently holds a joint appointment at Drexel University in the law school and the College of Computing and Informatics. His last position was senior policy advisor to the director of national counterintelligence at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Before joining the government he was at the National Defense University, National War College in Washington, DC where he served as professor and also chaired the Department of National Security Strategy. 







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