Bulletin, August/September 2014

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Irene L. Travis, Editor

Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology


ASIS&T’s Research Data Access and Preservation (RDAP) Summits further the dialog among the diverse community of stakeholders in this highly interdisciplinary area. Practice and research in RDAP are becoming increasingly prominent and urgent as the United States government and others mandate the accessibility and reuse of research data developed with public funds. Many information professionals, including librarians and archivists, are trying to educate researchers about government-required data management plans and data archiving options as well as providing tools, training and repositories to facilitate data archiving and discovery. 

The special section of this issue of the Bulletin contains overviews of the panel presentations and discussions, the lightning round and the poster session at RDAP14, held in San Diego at the end of March, with many thanks to guest editors Andrew Johnson, Jennifer Doty and Lizzie Rolando. In addition to the topics mentioned above, panels also address funding and research projects as well as the plans by some of the government agencies, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Library of Medicine, who were tasked to publish new policies to improve data access shortly after the completion of the Summit. We are very grateful to all the editors, the many Summit participants and our authors, who do an outstanding job of briefing us on the latest developments.

If you are hungering for more excitement after the World Cup, consider entering the ASIS&T Annual Student Design Competition, which will be held during the Annual Meeting in Seattle. Look Inside ASIS&T for Candy Schwartz’s write-up of last year’s challenge, which was won by the home team in Montreal, and for information on how the contest will be run in Seattle. 

Seattle is also the site for the ASIS&T Board of Directors’ Annual Retreat, which will be held just before we go to press. On his President’s Page, Harry Bruce previews that event, which allows the members to meet face-to-face to review reports from committees and assess projects and policies and, one suspects, have some well-deserved fun. Thanks to all our officers, Board and volunteers for the work they do that keeps us moving forward.