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August/September 2010
Vol. 36, No. 6
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Information Architecture

What is Information Architecture?  Practical Definitions and Useful Principles for our Second Decade of Study and Work
by Thom Haller, Guest Editor
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A Posting for a Job That Doesn't Exist: How We Might Define Information Architects in Today's "Integrated" Advertising Agency
by Dan Klyn
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Research and Practice in IA
by Andrea Resmini and Keith Instone
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Information Architecture, Black Holes and Discipline: On Developing a Framework for a Practice of Information Architecture
by Nathaniel Davis
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Eight Principles of Information Architecture
by Dan Brown
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Constructions from Dots and Lines
by Marko A. Rodriguez and Peter Neubauer
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Meeting Review

ASIS&T Research Data Access and Preservation Summit: Conference Summary
by Reagan Moore and William L. Anderson
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President's Page
by Gary Marchionini
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Editor's Desktop
by Irene Travis
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Inside ASIS&T
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ASIS&T Task Force Sponsors People to People Visit to China
by Nancy Roderer and Gail Bonath
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